Art Socks

Art Socks


Description: Nylon Art Deco Socks depicting Famous Artists / Art.

Dimensions: One standard size.


Note: Sizes may vary slightly. The colouring of the product image may differ to the colouring of the actual product. SInce we often source the same product from more than one Supplier, the actual product image may vary slightly from the image shown.

Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 250 × 250 × 5 cm

Mona Lisa Pink, Mona Lisa Green, The Kiss Yellow, The Kiss Purple, The Kiss Blue, Statue of Liberty Red, Starry Night Blue, Starry Night Purple, Side Portrait of Lady Burgundy, Side Portrait of Lady Light Blue, The Scream Orange, van Gogh Portrait Blue, Guitar Player Green, Mt Rushmore Teal, Statue of David Blue, Horse Rider Green & Orange, Angel Purple & Blue



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