Jenny Reyneke

“Home is where the art is”

“Art is music in colour. At times it is poetry at others… silence.”

Jenny now lives and works in the Karoo and is a self taught artist who seeks to express the grace of the quiet musing moment, the inner-dialogues and conversations with nature that occur within the seasons, emotions, experiences and tides of life.

Jenny often celebrates people who have been integral in her life through the medium of landscapes.  In silence, is how Jenny prefers to paint, however certain sounds and music inspire her and the process of applying brush to canvas becomes a rhythmic and therapeutic process of dialogue to relay her experience back to the subject.

By this she means that the feelings and expressions that they evoke in her are translated to colour. Galleries all over South Africa have exhibited Jenny’s work over the years. She has private collections of her work worldwide and has been published. Jenny is well known for her style and passion.

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