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“My most recent floral series deals with flowers in a painterly, serendipitous style, where the essence of the flowers and the emotions they evoke are given preference to mere replication!”

Heidi Shedlock is a South African, Durban based artist and educator who paints from her studio in Durban North. She was born in 1974 and grew up in a very creative family of talented crafters and makers. She spent many years involved in education before deciding to give up full time teaching and put all her energy and focus back into producing her own work.

Flowers in her work are not mere representations, but a vehicle by which she explores colour, form, texture and pattern that collide in a ‘serendipitous’ experience. Heidi refers to ‘beauty’ without apology and acknowledges the current international trends to revive floral tradition and history. Aware that her roses may be judged as ‘safe’ or ‘decorative’, she subtly underpins her compositions without the support of the vase in an attempt to remove the focus from mere representation or decoration. She repurposes the blooms with dormant historical essence…reconnecting them with meaning and embellishing them with serendipitous marks of paint, pattern, colour and texture. The interest is in the mark making, the emotions and the viewer’s reaction to the blooms. Heidi has participated in group exhibitions throughout South Africa and the UK and has had held solo exhibitions in Durban. and figures.She has done many exhibitions and has also received several awards for her works’ of art, such as first place for her “Sunset” oil painting in the BASE Merit Exhibition in 2013.

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