Guy McGowan

“I always seek to present an observer with a different way of seeing the world around us and a fresh appreciation for the smaller details that we so easily discard. I aim to conjure up emotive responses, rekindle that spark of nostalgia or probe a distant memory. I’d like to evoke a sense of the observer being physically present with the image — hearing, smelling, touching, feeling…”

Guy McGowan is a South African contemporary artist, born and raised in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. His work reflects, in most instances, a passion for depicting Nature in the form of landscapes and seascapes — and in particular, the interplay between manmade structures and the elements, with a large collection of works employing mixed media (charcoal and chalk paste) as well as acrylics on canvas.

He has an education and lengthy career in graphic design, branding and advertising, yet chose to pursue a path closer to his calling from 2009 onwards as an ontological coach in the study of one’s way of being.

Besides showcasing his work at Etchings Gallery, he has also exhibited at Tomasa Gallery in Morningside and at The Platform in the KZN Midlands — and further afield, his artworks have found homes in the UK, Australia, the USA and even Mexico.

Guy has also been a member of the North Coast Artists Group since he was invited as a demonstrating artist, and exhibits his work at the La Lucia Mall exhibition the group holds twice a year.

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