Recently introduced to Etchings, at the request of Customers,  is a range of exciting, daringly different & reasonably priced gifts and Home Deco.

We recently expanded some of our ranges so as to be able to offer you more to choose from.

Pop in and Browse our now wider range of our Home Decor, “Famous Paintings” Cushion Covers, “Funky Art Socks”, T Shirts and more …..

Bathroom Belle

bronze by Carl Roberts

Two Ladies

bronze by Carl Roberts

Searching For Soul

bronze by Carl Roberts

Ceramic Bowl
Stunning Limited Edition Glass

 by Guido

Some more examples of Guido’s Art.
Each piece is individually numbered.
Copper Bowl
Paper-Weight Blue
Glass Coasters
Gift Range

For either decorative are practical uses

 Gift Mug Set
Leather Handbag
Handmade Resin Pendants
Copper Bowls
Ceramic Jar Tall
Ceramic Jar Square
Chinese Lantern
Paper-Weight Orange
Frida Kahlo

Cotton & Polyester Cushions, Prints

van Gogh and Monet

Postcards featuring prints of their Art

Art Deco Socks

Funky Socks depicting Famous Art

Handmade Shoulder Handbags
Handmade Resin Pendants
Set of 3 Planters
T Shirts

Frida Kahlo, Starry Night, Notre Dame

T Shirts

Frida Kahlo, Starry Night, Notre Dame

van Gogh

Cotton Cushions, Prints & More

Picasso, Klimt & Others

Cushion Covers, Costume Jewellry & more of Famous Artists

Amazing Charity Gift Range

bronze by Woza Moya

Clown Fish Blue
Pendant Fern
Pendants 3