New to the gallery is a wide range of exciting, reasonably priced exclusive gifts that have been introduced, which Alan and Terence see as works’ of art, since these are mostly hand-made.

Etchings has expanded its Gift range and now has stunning handmade leather and material handbags, scented candles and a lot more to offer ……..

Bathroom Belle

bronze by Carl Roberts

Ceramic Bowl
Pendants 4
Paper-Weight Orange
Copper Bowl
Stunning Limited Edition Glass

 by Guido

Glass Coasters
Two Ladies

bronze by Carl Roberts

Ceramic Gift Mugs
Ceramic Jar Tall
Leather Handbag
Pendants 1
Copper Bowls
Metal Lantern
Searching For Soul

bronze by Carl Roberts

Ceramic Jar Square
Handmade Shoulder Handbags
Pendants 2
Set of 3 Planters
Amazing Charity Gift Range

bronze by Woza Moya

Clown Fish Blue
Pendant Fern
Pendants 3
Gift Range
Umbrella Vase
Paper-Weight Blue