Emma Robb

“Selling my first painting gave me more joy than all of the awards I won with my business. It is such a compliment to know someone has my painting in their home.” 

Emma Robb ran her own print and design company in Gauteng until starting  her next phase in life, as an Artist, in 2000 when she moved to the Dolphin Coast.


When Emma ran her print and design business, she was always smartly dressed with a briefcase. Now she is mostly always covered in colourful blobs of paint.


Painting with oil is her medium of choice, although she does work with other mediums from time to time. Emma likes oil paints as they are forgiving, if you make a mistake you can just paint over it. Sometimes she works with charcoal but here there is no correcting and it tends to get very messy. Her paintings hang in homes around the world from New York to New Zealand.


The walls in her home are covered in paintings, originals of course. Emma says that she would rather hang a child’s painting on her wall than a print. She finds prints impersonal and artificial.”


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