Carol Meyer

“My soul is at peace when I paint and lose myself in each brushstroke. I love the energy of vibrant colour and creating a sense of depth and mystery in my work by using layer upon layer of translucent colour. I also try to bring a freshness to my art by the creative use of white space on the canvas. Inks give me the freedom to work “wet on wet” and allow my painting to be taken wherever the colours decide to go.”

Carol was born in Durban and except for a brief stint in the UK, has been a Durbanite all her life.

After years of dabbling in a range of creative hobbies such as pottery, ceramics and jewellery making, Carol found her passion – painting!! She started off with water-colours under the late Richard Rennie’s tuition and worked in pastels, acrylics and oils on occasion. These days Carol’s preferred medium is fluid acrylics but she enjoy experimenting with mixed media.  Over the years Carol has attended lessons and workshops with the late Lou Audie as well as Koos Bronkhorst, Ina Millman, Bev Letard, the well known Etchings’ Artist Shirley Howells, Christopher Haw and Val Stevens.

Carol is a member of several art groups and regularly participate in their exhibitions. Her work is sought after locally and across the globe.

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