ARTISTMichelle Hauser


“I regard art as a wonderful opportunity for enjoyment and relaxation from the cares of life! It is a valuable gift!”

Michelle was born in Johannesburg and moved to Kwa Zulu Natal about 12 years ago. Her artist journey only started later in life, when living in the KZN Midlands. When Michelle moved to Durban, with time on her hands she joined art classes to pass the time and from then on was hooked! Michelle is now based in Durban North and paints enthusiastically whenever she can.

Flowers seem to be Michelle’s favourite to paint and even though she paints anything and everything her passion is still flowers.

Michelle has done several commissions as well as exhibitions in KZN.


Description: Oil, 900mmx600mm


Description: Oil, 220mmx220mm


Description: Oil, 900mmx600mm

Pink Lily

Description: Oil, 600mmx900mm

Pink Orchid

Description: Oil, 800mmx600mm

Pink Blossoms

Description: Oil, 600mmx1000mm


Still Life

Description: Oil, 800mmx600mm