ARTISTLesley Magwood Fraser

Lesley has been making art for over 40 years. She qualified in 1978, with a National Diploma in Applied Art and Design in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and is now a professional artist living in Gillitts, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

Lesley has been drawing with the Garret Art Group for over 27 years. This is a dynamic group of artists exploring various techniques and mediums who belong to a Life Drawing group. She has had several solo exhibitions in Durban, and regularly exhibit in group exhibitions in Johannesburg and Durban with other local artists.

She has worked with various mediums, painting in oils and acrylics with mixed mediums on canvas and board. Lesley particularly likes drawing, using pen, inks, aquarelle crayons and charcoal. Subject matters vary, but most often the subjects are faces and landscape, with a lot of botanic studies of the flora in Kwa Zulu Natal such as Proteas and Aloes.

Lesley sometimes paints using her fingers, as this helps her to feel the contours of her subject. Her work is all about mark making, and with fingers sometimes the marks are unexpected and expressive. She draws using 2 hands, as this also ensures expressive mark making, holding a tool in each hand frees her up to not be so tight. Lesley is inspired by the South African landscapes, our beautiful flora, and also the people.

Clarens Hills

Description: Oil