ARTIST Julia Forman

““I regard art as a wonderful opportunity for enjoyment and relaxation from the cares of life! It is a valuable gift!””

“Living in Durban, the sunniest part of South Africa, I am privileged to be surrounded by constant contrasts – in the people, the landscape, the colours! It is these elements that inspire me to wield the brush and I do so, sometimes with vigour and speed, other times in quiet serenity.”

Julia is an Abstract Representational Artist and continually strives to capture images that we have all seen at some time… those special moment in time. Her figures are about attitude, character and movement. “When I complete a figure painting, the character and I have become one, having spent many hours together, we know each other well.”

“”Pablo Picasso sums up the way I paint flowers…
“If one knows exactly what one is going to do, what good is it to do it?
Because one knows it, is of no interest. It is better to do something else.”
And so it is that I strive to paint the smell of flowers.””

Julia’s art is exhibited at various galleries all over the country.

Plum Protea

Description: Acrylic on Canvas, 1000mmx500mm

Table Top

Description: Acrylic on Canvas, 1000mmx700mm

Towards the Light

Description: Acrylic on Canvas, 1000mmx900mm

Sold: Harmony

Description: Acrylic on Canvas, 600mmx600mm