ARTISTJuanette Menderoi

Juanette Menderoi is a full time artist born in Randfontein, Gauteng. She studied BA Human Movement Science and completed her HED through Unisa. Her passion for art began as a little girl, always drawing and playing around with colour. She has fond memories of drawing beautiful pictures at the back of her exam papers in school.

Juanette, her husband and four children recently moved from Pretoria to Robertson to enjoy a quality lifestyle and to be close to the mountains that have always spoken to her artist soul. Her husband, De Munck, is her biggest support and she claims that she would not have been able to follow her dream career if it wasn’t for his continuous support. Inspired by Van Gogh’s fearless, bold use of colour and texture, she has always strived to find and establish her own voice. Her themes vary between birds, still life and the combination of still life and birds.

Juanette has an impressionistic style and she enjoys creating thick oil impasto work with a pallet knife. Her biggest inspiration comes from colour, texture and light. Art in all its forms has always been a deeply rooted passion for Juanette. She has expressed it through poetry, writing a published book, ceramic art and at long last now a full time art career in colour and texture. Juanette has sold close to 600 paintings in the last three years and enjoys both local and international support. She has been part of many group exhibitions as well as two very successful solo exhibitions in Gauteng.

“God has spoiled me with an unimaginable talent I could only have dreamt of… I enjoy working with fellow artists who inspire me both emotionally and creatively. Art has been my biggest teacher in life. May I never feel I have arrived …”

Red Poppies in the Wind

Description: Oil Impasto on Boxed Gesso Board, 600mmx400mm

3 Red Poppies

Description: Oil Impasto on Boxed Gesso Board, 200mmx300mm

Red Poppies 1

Description: Oil Impasto on Boxed Gesso Board, 150mmx200mm

Red Poppies 2

Description: Oil Impasto on Boxed Gesso Board, 150mmx200mm