ARTISTIlma Matthews

“Ilma’s artwork is always influenced by her personal connection with nature and her environment.”

Depicting our world and it’s beauty for other’s to enjoy has always been one of Ilma’s goals, she is a very focused Artist and this drives her creativity and speaks to her soul.

Ilma’s subject matter ranges from awe inspiring storm filled skies, the grandeur of the mountains and oceans to the smallest herbs and abundant flowers and trees nature has to offer. All are depicted in bold descriptive brushwork utilizing the subtle nuances of light and colour. She is drawn to painting places which hold special meaning to her, environments that capture her imagination; places she enjoys revisiting and surroundings that bring about a feeling of inner peace. She expresses those emotions and impressions in her artwork.


Ilma has been exhibiting her artwork since 2008, more recently exhibiting at the Hilton Art’s Festival for her 4th consecutive year as well as Community ZA. She continues to complete commissions and has donated works to charities. Her medium is oil on canvas.

Golden City

Description: Oil on Canvas, 800mmx600mm


Description: Oil on Canvas, 300mmx1200mm

Tropical Climes

Description: Oil on Canvas, 900mmx600mm

Protea Bush

Description: Oil

Infinite Space

Description: Oil

Pebble Sparkle 1 & 2

Description: Oil

The Vine

Description: Oil

Sold: Majestic Nature

Description: Oil, 1200×800