ARTISTDeodana Brown

“Her floral and portrait works provide an introspection into the powerful yet fragile and fleeting nature of external beauty.”

Deodanda Brown is a full-time fine artist based in Cape Town, South Africa.  She studied plant & animal sciences and holds a Masters of Science degree (M.Sc) in medical & veterinary entomology.  Her work can be described as expressive naturalism and focuses mostly on cattle studies, rural landscapes and floral works using traditional oil paint as medium. Many of her canvases reveal a lifelong journey of things she has seen, loved or lost. Her landscapes depict quiet and desolated places similar to those she used to seek out on the farm during her childhood years and are often devoid of human presence. Her cattle work serves as a celebration of the lives of these majestic and often overlooked animals and as a voice against farm animal abuse. Both visual beauty and fine artistic qualities are the hallmark of her paintings.


“Deodana uses colours with a uniqueness that is not often seen”

After the Winter Rains

Description: Oil on Canvas, 300mmx600mm

After the Morning Rain

Description: Oil on Board, 300mmx400mm

Rustic Serenity

Description: Oil Board, 300mmx400mm

Walk in the Glory of a New Day

Description: Oil on Board, 300mmx400mm

What Today Gave Me

Description: Oil on Board, 200mmx300mm

Your Fading Promises

Description: Oil on Canvas, 200mmx200mm