ARTIST Chey Simpson

“Art is a wonderful thing. It has exposed me to so many wonderful people and inspired me to travel. It is also an activity that heals one’s soul, and gives one a break from all the stresses of life…”

“I have found my true happy-place as an artist….and my journey has only just begun…”

… Chey began painting full time at age 40 when she left her 20 year retail career. She was a senior buyer for a leading home decor retailer, and travelled extensively to source products and the latest trends during this time. She is a qualified fashion designer and interior designer. Her love of her coastal home, her global travels, and her design background, continue to influence her art style.

Chey paints in layers, with energized and visible brushstrokes. Her style ranges from abstract to expressionist, and although her work is full of movement and passion, her paintings are often described as dreamy or joyful. She uses a monochromatic and sometimes altered colour pallet, as if applying a camera filter to enhance the mood of her paintings.

Chey sells her work through galleries and exhibits at annual art events. She works closely with interior designers and private clients on commissions.

“I live in the beautiful seaside village of Umdloti, on the KZN coast of South Africa. I am influenced daily by the beauty of this environment, and I often work from the photos I take while walking my dog along our stretch of coastline. I am passionate about animal rights initiatives, conservation and the environment. My home studio overlooks my tropical garden, full of giant palm trees, birdlife and visiting vervet monkeys I am happiest when painting with my rotti-dog and three bunnies at my feet”.

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New: Protea

Description: Glazed acrylic on cotton

New: Spring Protea Bunch

Description: Glazed acrylic on cotton

New: Metallic Sugar Bush

Description: Glazed acrylic on cott


Description: Acrylic

Salt Rock Palms

Description: Acrylic