ARTIST Carol Hayward Fell

Carol Hayward Fell is a top South African Ceramic Artist and is renowned for her porcelain and stoneware vessels and sculptures. Her works have been purchased by many leading public and private art collectors in South Africa and abroad, including Mary Slack-Oppenheimer. Her recent sculptures of HORSES are displayed in several top South African commercial art galleries.

Born and living in Durban, Carol has a BA Fine Arts Degree in Ceramics and a Teaching Diploma from UKZN, Pmb. She was a lecturer for several years at the Durban University of Technology, where she taught Ceramics and Ceramic History. Now, in addition to producing ceramic sculptures for exhibitions and for sale in art galleries, she also teaches Painting and Drawing privately to adults from Carolart Studio, run from her home in Durban North.

Carol Hayward Fell was the top National Award Winner of the APSA (now CSA), Corobrik National Ceramics Exhibition in 1988 – this large work resides in the Pretoria Art Museum. Since then, she has received several other awards and prizes at annual exhibitions of the Ceramics Association of Southern Africa (CSA), exhibitions.

In 2009 and 2010, she was awarded Second Prize, in 2011 she received a Merit Award and in 2012, she was awarded the top Premier Award at the CSA KZN Ceramic Exhibition held at Artspace Durban. In 2014, her work “White Horse with Vervet Monkeys”, was awarded the top award chosen by an overseas judge, as Best on Show, at the Corobrik Ceramic Association of Southern Africa’s National Ceramic Exhibition, held in Cape Town.

Since 2006, she has concentrated on making her expressive Horse Sculptures. These reflect her love of Ancient Art History and recall many diverse cultures such as Ancient Greek Art, Roman, Egyptian, Chinese etc. These horses have grown in size and complexity and have received critical acclaim for their unique expressive qualities; their fine intricate surface detail, their elegant expressive heads and long necks. These whimsical horses often include element of humour, they may have reclining nudes painted across them, or are sometimes accompanied by other animals: birds, dogs, cats, monkeys modelled onto the horses’ bodies.

Ceramic Artist & Art Teacher

Sea Horse

Description: Terracotta, Stoneware & Inlaid Oxide, 370mm x 310mm

Grey Horse & Dog

Description: Stoneware with Porcelain Slip, 320mm x 320mm

Turquoise Stallion looking up

Description: Terracotta Stoneware, 340mm x 350mm

Octopus Platter

Description: Stoneware, Clay & Oxide, 320mm Diameter

Octopus Platter – Large

Description: Terracotta Clay Fired & Oxide, 380mm Diameter