Alex Coutts

“I have a wide scope of interests and paint surrealist compositions, portraits, historical and contemporary figures, landscapes, local scenes, wildlife, avian subjects and abstracts within the South African context.”

When Alex retired as Deputy Rector at Edgewood College, he trained in Fine Arts/oil painting at the Durban Teachers’ Training College, Inner London Education Authority and through several other avenues including John Smith who taught him the finer details of painting landscapes. He has been a life member of the KZNSA for more than forty years. For many years, Alex chaired the Tourism KwaZulu-Natal Research Committee, and trained cultural and nature guides for KZN and South Africa while managing an award-winning training company. He also co-produced the first tourist attraction database for KZN and co-wrote the motivation that won for South Africa the United Nations Ulysses award in 2007.
Dr Alex Coutts has a D.Ed. and D.Phil. degrees as well as several lower degrees and two teaching diplomas, and wrote three hardcopy books while in service. He is also the author of 8 recent books ranging from children’s and adult novels to technical works.
Alex has painted as a hobby over the last fifty years. Now retired his passion for painting is ensuring he is still never at a loss of what to do.

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